Flexco Anker® MicroLacer® 350mm

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The Flexco Anker Microlacer is a specialized tool designed for the installation of various Flexco Fasteners, providing a reliable and efficient solution for joining conveyor belts. This tool is specifically designed to work with smaller-sized fasteners, allowing for precise and secure splices in a wide range of applications.

The Flexco Anker Microlacer is used to install different types of Flexco Fasteners, including:

  1. Alligator® Size 00: These smaller-sized fasteners are ideal for lightweight applications, providing a secure grip on thin belts.

  2. Alligator® Size 1: Designed for light- to medium-duty applications, these fasteners offer strength and durability.

  3. Alligator® Size 7: These heavy-duty fasteners are suitable for applications requiring robust belt connections.

  4. Clipper® Size 1 (40) Series Carded Hooks: Offering a reliable grip, these fasteners are commonly used in light-duty applications.

  5. Clipper® Size 30 Series Carded Hooks: Designed for medium-duty applications, these fasteners provide secure belt splices.

  6. Clipper® Size 36 Series Carded Hooks: These heavy-duty fasteners offer exceptional holding power and are suitable for demanding applications.

  7. Clipper® Size G005, G005A: Specifically designed for thin belts, these fasteners ensure a strong and reliable splice.

  8. Clipper® Size G006, G006A: With enhanced holding power, these fasteners are ideal for applications requiring extra strength.

  9. Clipper® Size G008: These heavy-duty fasteners provide excellent grip and reliability for demanding applications.

  10. Clipper® Size Regular (54) Series Carded Hooks: Designed for medium-duty applications, these fasteners offer a secure and durable splice.

  11. Clipper® Size U2-U7 Unibar® Hooks: These fasteners offer versatility and are suitable for a range of belt thicknesses and applications.

  12. Clipper® Size UCM36 Unibar® Hooks: Designed for medium- to heavy-duty applications, these fasteners provide strong and reliable belt splices.

  13. Clipper® Size UX1 Unibar® Hooks: Offering superior holding power, these fasteners are ideal for demanding applications and heavy-duty belts.

The Flexco Anker Microlacer simplifies the installation process for these various Flexco Fasteners, ensuring consistent and reliable belt splices. With its precision and efficiency, this tool allows operators to achieve secure and durable conveyor belt connections across a wide range of industries and applications.

Please note, this lacer requires the lacing strips to install your required fasteners. 

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