Flexco® R2 Medium-Duty Rivet Hinged Belt Fasteners

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Flexco® R2 Rivet Hinged Fasteners are a type of mechanical conveyor belt fastener that is designed to join the ends of a conveyor belt together. They are suitable for belts ranging from 3mm to 9.5mm (please ensure you are selecting the correct rivets for your belt thickness if purchasing fasteners on their own).

In order to complete a full joint you will need three separate pieces: the fasteners, hinge pin and the rivets.

The fasteners come in strips at various different widths and are driven into the belt using an installation tool. 

The hinge pin is a steel rod that is inserted into the two ends of the belt to be joined, aligning the belt and creating a hinge point.

The rivet is then inserted through the hinge point, securing the two ends of the belt together. The rivet is driven through the belt using a specialised installation tool, creating a strong, secure joint.

Flexco R2 Rivet Selection
If purchasing the fasteners on their own, you will need to ensure you purchase the correct rivets to suit your belt thickness. See rivet size options below.  

Belt thickness 3mm to 5.5mm - Rivet Size SRAA
Belt thickness 5mm to 8mm - Rivet Size SRA
Belt thickness 7mm to 9.5mm - Rivet Size SRB

Purchase rivets on their own for these fasteners by clicking here.

Flexco R2 Rivet Hinged Fasteners are used in a variety of applications, including mining, construction, and agriculture. They are particularly useful in situations where the conveyor belt needs to be quickly and easily repaired, or where the belt needs to be joined in an area where it is difficult to access.

Overall, Flexco R2 Rivet Hinged Fasteners are a reliable and effective solution for joining conveyor belts together, providing a strong and secure joint that can withstand the rigors of heavy-duty use.

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