Power Punch for Conveyor Belt Fasteners - Type 140 & 190

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This Power Punch is suitable for use with Flexco 140, Flexco 190 Mato MS140 & Mato MS190 screw installed conveyor belt fasteners. 

Using a power punch to install the above mentioned conveyor belt fasteners is a relatively simple process. Start by gathering all the necessary tools, including the power punch & conveyor belt fasteners. Make sure the power punch is in good working condition prior to making any holes.

Prepare the conveyor belt by aligning the ends and securing them together using temporary clamps or if you're repairing an existing belt which has become damaged, then start by separating the fasteners and positioning one half of the fastener in the position you would like them to be once installed. This will be to ensure the holes are exactly where you want them to be. If you have silicone spray available, then this can be sprayed over the area to prevent too much heat when you are creating the holes but isn't essential.

When you have the one side of the fastener is in place, use the power punch to drive a hole through the belt and fasteners simultaneously, creating a precise hole for the fasteners. Repeat this process for all the fasteners along the splice or repair area. After punching all the holes, remove any temporary clamps, and inspect the holes and fasteners to ensure they are clean and properly aligned. Finally, insert the fasteners into the holes, and use a hammer or another appropriate tool to drive them securely into place. Verify that all fasteners are evenly tightened, and make any necessary adjustments to achieve a proper splice.

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