Black Rubber Conveyor Belt

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Rubber conveyor belts are widely used across industries where bulk material is required to be transported from A to B. Rubber belts are much thicker than PVC or PU conveyor belts, and tend to be used in manufacturing or less critical environments where there is less requirement for food manufacturing standards. 

Rubber conveyor belts tend to have high wear resistance, minimum stretch, are high impact resistant and offer directional stability. Our rubber belting offers good weather resistance and manufactured to DIN 22102, ISO 10247 and BS 490.

Available in a number of different thickness to suit your application and can range in various PLYS such as 2PLY, 3PLY, 4PLY & 5PLY. 

Due to the bespoke nature of these products, we're only able to provide a quote once all information has been acquired from you. Please leave your requirements and contact details, and we'll aim to reply as quick as possible. 

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