Blue Conveyor Drive Spool - 50mm OD x 25mm bore

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Conveyor drive spools are essential components in material handling systems, serving a crucial role in maintaining the smooth and safe operation of conveyors. These cylindrical devices are designed to slip or disengage when there is a risk of jams or accumulation, preventing damage to belts and ensuring uninterrupted material flow. Furthermore, they enhance workplace safety by acting as a fail-safe mechanism, stopping the conveyor rollers if foreign objects, such as hair or hands, become entangled.

The versatility of conveyor spools is evident in their two common sizes: standard bore, accommodating both 1-inch and 25mm shafts, and large bore, fitting 1-7/16-inch and 36mm shafts.

Conveyor spools play a vital role in maintaining efficiency and safety in material transport systems, making them an indispensable component in various industries.

Designed to be accompanied with our high quality endless PU drive bands.


  • Bag includes 5 spools

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