Conveyor Speed Up Spool - 60mm OD x 25mm bore ENG-3445-01

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Speed Up Conveyor Spools are components used to increase the speed of a conveyor system, particularly useful when you need to create space between items being transported. These spools are designed to reduce the effective diameter of the conveyor rollers they are attached to, which has the effect of accelerating the movement of items along the conveyor.

When you want to create gaps or spaces between items on the conveyor line, Speed Up Spools become valuable tools. By increasing the rotational speed of the rollers, they effectively push items further apart. This is particularly beneficial in scenarios where precise spacing between items is necessary for downstream processes, such as packaging, sorting, or quality control.

Speed Up Spools offer an efficient solution to achieve the desired item separation without the need for major conveyor system modifications, making them a practical choice for optimizing material flow in manufacturing and distribution settings.

Designed to be accompanied with our high quality endless PU drive bands.


  • Bag includes 5 spools

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