Polyurethane Endless Looped Drive Bands

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Polyurethane drive bands are predominately used within power transmission and line shaft conveyor applications & are made from polyurethane or commonly known as PU. They're widely used as endless drive bands for roller / line shaft conveyors but can be used for plenty of other applications. These O Rings are made to size, and are welded together by our team bespoke to your requirements in house so we require your exact measurements. These can be made to the exact size you require, right down to the very millimetre and diameter. 

If you are unsure on the size, the best option would be to cut one and measure the length to acquire an accurate size. 

We offer these in a variety of colours including green, blue, red and orange & can be supplied with either a rough or smooth finish. 

If you require longer than 600mm, please contact us by using the icon in the bottom right of the screen with all our various contact methods so we can provide a quote for you. 

We offer a range of various other types of similar products and drive bands, our full collection can be viewed here.


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