Flexco® R5 Scalloped Edge® Rivet Hinged Fasteners

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Flexco® R5 Rivet Fasteners are mechanical fasteners designed for use with a wide range of conveyor belts, and are typically used in industries such as underground mining, asphalt plants, aggregate and ready mix plants and log belts or similar applications. They are intended for belt thicknesses between 5.5mm and 11mm.

The Flexco R5 Rivet Fasteners consist of a steel plate with a staggered pattern of rivet attachment points on one side and a clinching mechanism on the other. The fasteners are inserted through the belt and then clinched together using a special tool to create a strong, secure joint.

The installation process involves first laying the two ends of the conveyor belt flat on a work surface, with the overlapping ends facing each other. Then, the R5 Rivet Fasteners are inserted through the belt, with one end of the fastener positioned in each belt end. The clinching process is then performed using a special tool that pulls the two ends of the fastener together, creating a strong, secure joint.

One of the key benefits of the R5 Rivet Fasteners is their ease of installation. They do not require any special training or expertise to install, and the process can be completed quickly and efficiently. Additionally, the fasteners are designed to provide long-lasting performance, even in demanding industrial environments.

  • Belt Thickness: 7/32”-7/16” (6 mm-11 mm)
  • Minimum Pulley Diameter: 9” (230 mm)
  • Maximum PIW: 450 (79 kN/m)

Flexco R5 Rivet Selection
If purchasing the fasteners on their own, you will need to ensure you purchase the correct rivets to suit your belt thickness. See rivet size options below.  

Belt thickness 6mm to 8mm - Rivet Size SRA
Belt thickness 7mm to 10mm - Rivet Size SRB
Belt thickness 9mm to 11mm - Rivet Size SRC

Purchase rivets on their own for these fasteners by clicking here.

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