Flexco Anker® Manual Roller Lacer®


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The Flexco Manual Roller Lacer® is a versatile tool designed for installing a wide range of hook fasteners, including the following types:

  1. Anker® Size 25 Carded Hooks
  2. Anker® Size 25 Laundry Patch Hooks
  3. Anker® Size 2-7 Carded Hooks
  4. Anker® Size 30 Carded Hooks
  5. Anker® Size 35 Carded Hooks
  6. Anker® Size 40 Carded Hooks
  7. Anker® Size A25 Welded Bar Hooks
  8. Anker® Size A2-A7 Welded Bar Hooks
  9. Anker® Size A30 Welded Bar Hooks
  10. Anker® Size A34 Welded Bar Hooks
  11. Anker® Size A35 Welded Bar Hooks
  12. Anker® Size A36 Welded Bar Hooks
  13. Anker® Size A40 Welded Bar Hooks
  14. Anker® Size AP Carded Hooks
  15. Anker® Size G00
  16. Anker® Size G001
  17. Anker® Size G002
  18. Anker® Size G003
  19. Anker® Size G004
  20. Anker® Size G005, G005A
  21. Anker® Size G006, G006A
  22. Anker® Size G008

When using the Flexco Manual Roller Lacer®, it is important to note that different ANKER® Face Strips will be required to ensure the pitch of the wire fits properly. ANKER® Face Strips are essential components that help maintain the correct spacing between the hooks or clips during installation. By selecting the appropriate ANKER® Face Strips for the specific hook fastener being used, operators can ensure a precise fit and alignment. This ensures that the wire pitch matches the spacing provided by the ANKER® Face Strips, resulting in a secure and reliable conveyor belt splice. The Flexco Manual Roller Lacer® simplifies the installation process, allowing operators to efficiently install the specified hook types while ensuring the correct wire pitch with the appropriate ANKER® Face Strips for optimal performance.


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