Flexco RS187 Alligator® Conveyor Belt Fasteners

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Flexco RS187 Alligator® Staple fastener designed for light and medium duty conveyor belting is compromised of a high tensile staple attachment in conjunction with an extended plate design.

Flexco Alligator® RS187 staple fasteners are manufactured in strips with what is known as a bridge between each of the fastener plates. They are designed in strips to reduce the likelihood of individual pieces or clips becoming weak or dislodging after a given amount of time and providing a stronger, longer lasting splice with a more effective resistance to impact damage and a smoother unrippled joint that makes for a more simplified hinge pin insertion.

The staples are hammer driven through the fastener and into the belt gripping into the fibres within the fabrics without severing or damaging them and gripping for a solid join. The tooling is available to purchase, and can be installed using with the Flexco Alligator tool, or the Mato installation tool.

We offer a more competitively priced equivalent to Flexco fasteners which can be installed using Flexco tooling. The full range can be viewed here.

Product Description

Available Material: Galvanised Steel or Stainless Steel
Pin Material: Nylon Covered Stainless Steel Cable Pins or Solid Steel Pins

Installation Recommendations

  • Belt Thickness Range: 4.8-6.4mm
  • Minimum Pulley Diameter: 102mm
  • Operating Tension Range kN/m: 35
  • Staple length: 13.2mm

Box contents

  • 4 Fastener Sets
  • 4 Hinge Pins
  • Required Amount of Retaining Washers

PLEASE NOTE: 310 Alligator Staple is no longer available. If you require assistance or advice on alternative, just get in touch.

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