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Introducing the Habasit PQ-59 Hot-Pressing Device: Precision Joining for Thermoplastic Belts

Elevate your belt joining process with the Habasit PQ-59 Hot-Pressing Device, meticulously engineered for seamless joining of thermoplastic belts up to 50 mm wide and 3.6 mm thick. Designed for maximum flexibility, this innovative device allows operators to set the working temperature via a trimmer control, ensuring optimal results for a wide range of applications, including machine tapes and spindle tapes.

Key Features:

  1. Precision Hot-Pressing: The PQ-59 Hot-Pressing Device employs advanced hot-pressing technology to achieve precise and durable belt joins, ensuring maximum performance and longevity in demanding industrial environments. With the ability to accommodate belts up to 50 mm wide and 3.6 mm thick, this versatile device offers unparalleled flexibility for a variety of belt joining applications.

  2. Adjustable Temperature Control: Tailor the hot-pressing process to your specific requirements with the PQ-59's adjustable temperature control feature. The trimmer control allows operators to set the working temperature with precision, ensuring optimal bonding while minimising the risk of damage to the belt material. Experience consistent and reliable results with every use.

  3. Specialised Design: Specifically designed for machine tapes and spindle tapes, the PQ-59 Hot-Pressing Device features specialised guiderails to ensure proper joining and alignment of the belts. This targeted design enhances efficiency and accuracy, streamlining the belt joining process and minimising downtime for maintenance or adjustments.


  • Versatile Compatibility: Accommodate a wide range of thermoplastic belts with ease, thanks to the PQ-59's ability to handle belts up to 50 mm wide and 3.6 mm thick. From machine tapes to spindle tapes, achieve seamless joins for various industrial applications.
  • Precision Control: Set the working temperature to suit your specific belt material and joining requirements, ensuring optimal bonding without compromising belt integrity.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: Streamline your belt joining process with specialised guiderails and precise hot-pressing technology, reducing downtime and increasing overall productivity.
  • Reliability: Built to meet the stringent quality standards of Habasit, the PQ-59 Hot-Pressing Device delivers consistent and reliable results, providing peace of mind in even the most demanding applications.

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