MATO All Steel Grease Gun E500 with rigid tube E4024, thread R1/8"

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Introducing the MATO All Steel Grease Gun E500 with Rigid Tube E4024, featuring an R1/8" thread—an exceptional tool for precision lubrication. This first-class model adheres to DIN 1283 standards, embodying top-notch quality and performance.

Experience a short stroke action for precise, metered grease delivery, facilitated by a reliable permanent spring load system. The grease gun is designed with a combined filler nipple and air venting valve, streamlining the filling process. With an ergonomic hand grip, this grease gun provides comfort and control during use.

Operate confidently under working pressures exceeding 400 bar (5,800 psi), with a remarkable maximum pressure capability of approximately 800 bar (11,600 psi). Versatility is a hallmark, accommodating both 400g cartridges and 500g bulk fill for a wide range of lubrication needs.

Your purchase is thoughtfully packaged in an environmentally friendly display carton, complete with user instructions and safety advice, promoting sustainability and safe usage. Notably, this product holds prestigious certifications, including TÜV, DLG, and BLT approvals, affirming its exceptional quality and compliance with industry standards.

The MATO All Steel Grease Gun E500 with Rigid Tube E4024, featuring an R1/8" thread, is the ideal choice for professionals seeking reliable and efficient lubrication.

Product Details:

  • Product Name: MATO All Steel Grease Gun E500 with Rigid Tube E4024 and R1/8" Thread
  • Article: 3041106
  • Tarif-No.: 82055980
  • Minimum Purchase Quantity (MPQ): 20.00
  • Unit: Pieces 
  • Weight: 1.262 kg
  • GTIN: 4016553041106

Experience unmatched performance and reliability with the MATO All Steel Grease Gun E500, designed for professionals seeking top-tier lubrication solutions.

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