P1058930-012 Zebra Printhead 203 dpi, ZT420, ZT421


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The Zebra P1058930-012 printhead is a replacement printhead for use in various Zebra industrial printers. This thermal printhead features a 203 dpi (dots per inch) resolution, which makes it capable of producing high-quality, detailed prints for applications such as product labelling, asset tracking, and shipping labels.

The P1058930-012 printhead is designed to be durable and long-lasting, with a rugged construction that can withstand the demanding conditions of industrial printing environments. It is compatible with several Zebra printer models, including the ZT420, and ZT421.

This printhead uses direct thermal printing technology, which means it does not require ink or toner. Instead, it uses heat to transfer the image onto the label or media. Direct thermal printing is ideal for applications where the labels will have a limited lifespan or will not be exposed to harsh environments, as the prints are not as resistant to fading, smudging, or abrasion as those produced using thermal transfer technology.

Replacing a printhead is a simple process, and the P1058930-012 printhead is designed for easy installation. However, it is important to handle the printhead carefully to avoid damage, as it is a delicate component.

In summary, the Zebra P1058930-012 printhead is a high-quality, durable replacement part for several Zebra industrial printers. Its 203 dpi resolution ensures that prints are sharp and detailed, while its rugged construction ensures long-lasting performance.

Kit, Printhead 203 dpi, ZT420, ZT421

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