Plastic Blue & Grey Conveyor Rollers ENG-5093-01

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Our range of plastic conveyor rollers are made bespoke to your size and requirements. Plastic blue or grey conveyor rollers are typically used within gravity roller conveyors and are used for transporting boxes, product, cartons or larger items to prevent the requirement for any heavy lifting.

Made from high quality, strong PVC we're able to offer a wide range of plastic gravity rollers which have been specially designed and developed to suit various industries and applications. If you know the sizes you require, simply give us a call or email with what you need and we'll be happy to quote you immediately. If you'd prefer to send us a sample, we can take all the required measurements and get back to you with a quick quote. 

Information required in order to quote can be seen below;

Shaft Length (mm):
Overbearing (mm): 
Tube Length (mm): 
Shaft Type (Round, Hex etc): 
Mild Steel or Stainless Shaft:  
Roller Diameter: 

Once we have the above information, we will be able to supply you with a drawing and price. Depending on quantity, we can typically make and ship these within a few days. 

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