Rotary Table Lazy Susan End of Line Packing Turntable ENG-5159-01

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What is a Rotary Table or Lazy Susan?

A lazy susan or rotary packing table is a type of table that is used in packaging and shipping operations. It is designed with a rotating disc or turntable on the top, which can be spun around to allow workers to easily access different areas of the table without having to move around the table themselves.

The lazy susan packing table is typically used for small item packaging and shipping operations, such as in the food industry for packing spices, or in the retail industry for packing small parts or accessories. As the turntable rotates, workers can quickly and easily access different areas of the table, allowing them to pack items more efficiently and with less strain on their bodies.

Lazy susan packing tables are designed to be ergonomic, with a height that is adjustable to fit the needs of different workers. They are also often designed with additional features to help streamline the packaging process, such as integrated scales, bins, or dividers to keep items organised.

Manufactured bespoke to your requirements, we're able to produce various diameters including 1 metre, 1.5 metre, 2 metre or greater if required.

Optional Extras

  • Supply with height adjustable feet
  • Fixed speed, or variable speed motors can be fitted to suit your requirements
  • Fitted with either stainless steel top surface or food grade plastic
  • Side guards can be fitted around the perifery of the table to ensure product remains on the table

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