Split Conveyor Speed Up Spool - 60mm OD x 35mm bore

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Our Split Conveyor Speed Up Spool is a versatile and cost-effective solution designed to optimise conveyor performance and enhance operational efficiency. This split spool is expertly engineered to fit seamlessly into your existing conveyor system, eliminating the need for time-consuming disassembly of the shaft, which can be a labor-intensive and costly process.

Features and Benefits:

  • Streamlined Installation: One of the standout features of our Split Conveyor Speed Up Spool is its user-friendly design, which allows for quick and effortless installation. With the ability to be added in a matter of seconds, it significantly reduces downtime, ensuring that your operations continue to run smoothly.

  • Precision Engineering: Crafted with high precision, this spool is built to exacting standards, guaranteeing reliability and consistent performance. The 60mm outer diameter and 35mm bore size are meticulously designed for seamless integration with your conveyor system.

Uses and Purpose:

The Split Conveyor Speed Up Spool is an invaluable asset for industries where creating space between transported items is essential. Whether you are involved in manufacturing, distribution, packaging, or any process requiring item separation, this spool is your go-to solution. By increasing the rotational speed of the conveyor rollers, it efficiently pushes items further apart, ensuring precise spacing for downstream operations.

Moreover, its ability to be installed without disassembling the shaft offers a practical advantage, as it minimises the disruption to your workflow. Say goodbye to extended downtimes and costly disassembly processes, and welcome a more efficient and cost-effective solution to enhance your conveyor system's performance.

In summary, the Split Conveyor Speed Up Spool - 60mm OD x 35mm Bore is your ticket to smoother operations, reduced downtime, and optimised material flow. Invest in this high-precision, reasonably priced, and easy-to-install component to boost the efficiency of your conveyor system and improve your overall productivity.

Designed to be accompanied with our high quality endless PU drive bands.


  • Bag includes 5 spools

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