Bolt Breakers for Conveyor Belt Fasteners - Type 140 & 190

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These Bolt Breakers are suitable for use with Flexco 140, Flexco 190 Mato MS140 & Mato MS190 screw installed conveyor belt fasteners. 

Bolt breakers are tools used to break off the remaining bolts that are used to fasten conveyor belt fasteners. To use a pair of bolt breaker, first, ensure that you have the appropriate size and type of bolt breaker for the conveyor belt fasteners you are working with. This particular product is only to be used with Flexco or Mato 140 & 190 fasteners. 

Locate the bolt that needs to be broken off, and position the bolt breaker on top of the bolt head. Make sure the bolt breaker is centered and aligned properly with the bolt head. Apply downward pressure on the bolt breaker to press the breaker's blade against the bolt head. Then, strike the bolt breaker's handle with a hammer or mallet, delivering a sharp blow to the bolt head. The blade of the bolt breaker will break the bolt, leaving a clean break without damaging the conveyor belt or fasteners. Repeat this process for each bolt that needs to be broken off. After breaking off all the bolts, inspect the fasteners and conveyor belt to ensure that the fasteners are securely and evenly tightened. If necessary, make any adjustments to achieve a proper splice.

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